Consultations and Education In Herbal Healing

About Cloverleaf Farm Herbal Center

Cloverleaf Farm Herbal Center provides alternative and herbal healing to those seeking natural options to traditional western medicine.

Practices at the center include herbal therapies, flower essences, customized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations. We also offer referrals to other appropriate area providers based on individual cases.

Meet The Herbalist


Kathy Lambert, M. H.

After years of unresponsive conventional methods of pain relief, Kathy discovered “alternative” means of medicines in 1994. After reading “It Works for Me! Celebrity Stories of Alternative Healing by Heide Banks, Kathy started studying aromatherapy and herbal healing. This book changed her life, and sent her on a path to a new career.

For over 15 years she studied herbs, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy. After years of raising a family and studying part time, she became a Clinical Herbalist in the fall of 2002. She continues her studies through the Internet, self-study, and herbal newsletters. She keeps up on the latest trends, and safety information about herbs.

In 2001 she started Magikal Dreams Botanicals, a natural body care and medicinal herbal medicine business (now known as Cloverleaf Farm), to provide natural herbal remedies and plant tinctures to clients seeking natural and alternative herbal and nutritional support for themselves or for their family.

Kathy has written a number of herbal and aromatherapy health related articles for local newspapers and magazines. She teaches workshops and classes to help people understand the wonders that herbs and aromatherapy can bring into their lives.

She prepares her own plant medicines from ethically wild crafted and certified organically grown plants obtained from her farm or from reputable suppliers when necessary.

“Cloverleaf Farm Herbal Center was opened to educate people to the alternative treatments to modern medicine. In many cases there are herbal remedies that are more appropriate for the illness, and have much less side effects than conventional drugs.

Herbal medicine, and aromatherapy has been used for centuries to cure everything from abrasions to whooping cough, arthritis to headaches and all in between. It is used for health as well as beauty. By using herbs, and essential oils in our lives we provide our family with the protection they deserve without the side effects of conventional treatment.

I love teaching people about herbs and alternative health choices. I love creating a product line people know is safe for them and their families.

Herbs and aromatherapy and other alternative health care can improve the quality of your life naturally”.

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