Consultations and Education In Herbal Healing

Herbal Classes and Workshops

These herbal classes are given throughout the year and are held at Cloverleaf Farm. Contact Us For Our Upcoming Schedule.

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Minimum class size is 4.  Classes must be paid for in advance; no exceptions. In the event of a class not running due to lack of students, you may choose between a refund or a credit towards another class. Most summer classes will be held as this is a popular time of year.

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

What is cholesterol? Learn what it is, and ways to lower your cholesterol that doctors don’t always tell you about. Using herbs, diet changes, supplements and exercise it is possible to lower your cholesterol without medication. We will learn different natural ways to lower cholesterol levels. Learn how to make a tincture (herbal medicine) and herbal tea to lower your cholesterol. Includes several handouts, remedies made in class, and a cholesterol free egg salad snack. $40. This class fills up fast. Be sure to sign up early.

Healing Anxiety Naturally

Many people suffer from anxiety. It can cause many other health problems. Learn how to control it naturally using herbs and flower remedies, relaxation methods, and meditation. Includes handouts, plus materials made in class. $35.

Lotions N’ Potions –The Wonders of Aromatherapy

Learn the wonders and benefits of aromatherapy. Learn how to make your own room sprays and natural cleaning supplies using essential oils. Includes handouts and natural perfume you will make in class. $35

Boosting Your Immune System

Discover the wonders of herbs. Learn how herbs and natural remedies can help you keep your immune system in check, and help your body fight off that nasty cold bug and other viruses. Herbal remedies can shorten the duration your cold or flu naturally. Learn how to make your own tincture in this hands-on workshop. Includes materials made in class and handouts. $35

 Natural First Aid KitsCalendula

Discover how to put herbs to work for you and your family. Learn which herbs that should be included in an all-natural herbal first aid kit and why. You learn what to use each herb for and preparations. Many have multiple uses. Learn about poultices and other first aid remedies. Learn how to make an ointment and tincture, and stock your herbal first aid kit. Includes handouts and remedies to put into your first aid kit. $50

If you would like to schedule a class at your location please contact us. We also do off-site classes and workshops on herbal healing. Minimum class for off site locations is 8 people.

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Blending Herbal Teas

Learn how to blend herbs for great herbal teas, and for better health. You will take home your own custom blended tea. $20

Make Your Own Perfume

Using 100% pure essential oils, you will create your own custom scented perfume. Learn about top notes, middle notes, and bottom notes of perfume making. You will take home a 1 oz bottle of your own blend of perfume. $15

Wild Edibles

Come learn about the wild edible plants that offer you food, medicine, and other uses, all free for the picking in and around your back yard. $20

How To Make A Herbal Tincture

Learn how to make an herbal tincture, using one or more herbs. Tinctures are used to treat a variety of illness from lowering cholesterol, and controlling anxiety. In class, we will be making a calendula tincture, which can be used to treat many ailments. $20

How To Make Calendula Ointment

Herbal ointments are used for healing external skin conditions. In this class, we you will learn how to make a Calendula Ointment. Scent it, or leave it scent free. You will take one home for your natural first aid kit. $20.

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Classes For Special Events and Groups

Healing With Bach Flower Remedies

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. Learn how to use Bach Flower Remedies to help you in your everyday life. Learn how to use the remedies in massage. We will learn how to prepare a remedy for each individual. Each person will make one remedy to bring home. Includes handouts, and remedies made in class. $35

Natural Cleaners

Toxic Fumes! Pew…who needs them. Breathing in those fumes from household cleaners can be toxic to your body. Over time they build up, and can cause many health problems. Join us and learn how to make your own natural cleaners for your home by using essential oils, and other natural products. They not only clean they are safe for you and your family, and make your home smell wonderful. Learn how to make a general all-purpose cleaner and a disinfectant cleaner that is safe and all natural for you and your family. Other recipes will be given for you to try at home. $45

Herbs In The Cupboard

We all put oregano in our pizza sauce, but did you know it makes a great rub for arthritis. It is also a great disinfectant! Garlic keeps the vampires away, but better yet it can keep colds and flu at bay. It is also good for your heart. Learn how everyday herbs and spices (that are probably in your spice cupboard right now) can make herbal medicine and natural first aid for you and your family. Learn how to make your own cold infused massage oil. $35

Contact us with any questions, special requests, or to book a class for your event or group.