Consultations and Education In Herbal Healing

Consultations in Herbal Healing

What is Herbal Healing?

Herbal Healing is the art and science of using herbs for promoting health and preventing and treating illness. 75% of the world’s population still relies primarily upon traditional healing practices, most of which is herbal healing.

Herbal healing has been used effectively for thousands of years. As long as there have been plants, people have used them as medicine to heal. Allopathic medicine has made enormous strides but there are many times when simple, noninvasive plant medicine is perfect.

The herbal healing philosophy is to discover and heal the cause of imbalance manifested as illness in the body not just medicate and cover up the symptoms of the disease. This eliminates the need for the body to produce more symptoms.

Health Problems, Herbal Answers

You may be curious, or even skeptical, that your health concerns could be eased with the help of herbs. Click here for a sample of the problems herbal remedies and lifestyle changes can help improve.

Our practitioner has worked with the healing plants for over 15 years. The scope of her practice includes herbal therapies, flower essences, customized nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations. We also offer referrals to other providers as necessary. If you would like to explore a more natural health maintenance style for yourself and your family, call 603-539-7878 to arrange an appointment.

Initial Consultation: $100 (up to 2 hours)

Follow-up: $50/hr

Rates Are Exclusive of Remedies (Remedies are available at the center, but you are free to purchase them on your own.)

Always A Phone Call Away

If you ever have any questions or concerns call me at 603-539-7878 or use the online contact form. Together, we will work to help you feel as happy and healthy as possible.

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